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Lottosend – Best Affiliate Program

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Lottosend is an exciting online lottery messenger service, allows users to buy lottery tickets with more chances of winning, safely and easily.

As Lottosend affiliate, you will be amazed how fast you can generate commissions on a regular basis ! and the best part is – you can enjoy rev-share for any future orders your referred people do!

What will you promote?

Some of the highest jackpots in the world have been won by Americans in lotteries around the USA. The jackpots are high, the rules are simple, and tickets are cheap. Some people stand in line to buy tickets, others win money through playing an online lottery USA style, with Lottosend.com, for example, arranging lottery tickets in the big American lotteries, as well as lotteries from around the world.

Pick the Powerball

Powerball is quickly becoming one of the most popular lottery games in the USA. With a minimum jackpot of $40 million, and no maximum, 43 states now offer the game. High jackpots mean record winnings are being taken, with the highest ever cash winning in Florida last year. Lottosend.com allows you to buy tickets online, safely and securely, and have winnings transferred to you immediately.

Bring in the Megamillions

Lottosend.com also offers tickets in the famous Megamillions draw. By taking part in an online lottery USA players are given an opportunity to pick numbers, get tickets, and have a chance at winning a jackpot that routinely passes $100 million. Earnings are immediately credited to your account.

Affiliate revenues

Around the world, people are using online lottery messenger services like Lottosend.com to take part in the excitement of international jackpot winnings. If you want to take part in this too, you can easily sign up to Lottorevenues.com for free, and have 15% of revenues generated by traffic you send to the site. Lottosend is one of the most trusted online lottery sites around, and if you want to be affiliated, just sign up and join in.

About this website

Hey, Annie here, As you may have guessed, all the links here are my second tier signup links which pay me small amount of commission paid out from the vendor’s cut, not yours! Please use my links to help this website grow and i will continue to review new affiliate programs and share with you the best and most preforming selected programs. Thanks!