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About Me

368980_48902753_1769101799_nHi, Annie here, Welcome to my website and thank you for your visit. I was working on the internet for part time job since 2003. Started as an internet marketer and since 2007 i am a full time affiliate, strategist, media buyer, SEO consultant and much more.

When i noticed the income potential can be generated using just your brain and a good computer i was overwhelmed, That made me take that “leap of faith” and to try and maintain a solid income from my home.

I want to share my thoughts with you here, Nothing is permanent in life. Not my job, not yours. there is no steady income. Over the years many people discovered this in one way or the other. Computers can preform better and faster these days. We are all in a race against time – A race that in the end we all should have enough to increase our chances to survive.

That’s why i opened this website. Top-Affiliate-Programs.com. I believe that more people will use their computer to make money the better we will adapt to the changes around us. And in case you think otherwise, There is a place for EVERYONE !

In the Affiliate industry, The risk of loosing is big if you don’t have the right guidance. This website will give you all the info you want based on my expiriace over the years. I will share my large network (all super affiliates) tips and researches made to help you speed your learning process.

I welcome all comments and feedback.  Thanks for being here.

Sincerely- Annie.